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Knowing Divorce Law in Your State-The Siemon Law Firm, Marietta, Georgia
Monday, March 14th 2022, 4:00 AM

Knowing Divorce Law in your state: What you need to know and why.

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Knowing Divorce Law in your state

Divorce is also known as the “dissolution of marriage”. When a marriage is ended or terminated in a legal process by a judge or other legal authority, according to the Divorce Law of the state the couple seeking divorce live in. The Siemon Law Firm, Marietta, Georgia, specializes in ‘Easing Family Transitions With Integrity’ with expert knowledge of Divorce Law in the state of Georgia. 

Understanding “Divorce”

Divorce or “dissolution of marriage” is not just the ending of marriage for the couple, there are many aspects attached to the process. While the focus is on the couple separating from each other legally, and, in effect becoming “single” again, and legally free to marry again if they so wish, there are many more considerations ranging from how the finances, property, and assets will be divided, to which parent will get “custody” of the children and how often the other parent can meet them. Divorce Law for all these aspects differs from state to state, as do the procedures and policies.

Highlights of Divorce Law in Georgia

  • In Georgia, Divorce is called “Total Divorce” and legal separations are not recognized in the state.
  • At least one of the spouses should have been living in the state for at least six months before starting legal proceedings for divorce.
  • There are thirteen grounds on which one can apply for a divorce, including adultery, drug addiction, and mental illness that cannot be cured.
  • “Equitable Distribution State”- this means that any property that has been bought after the marriage will have to be divided between both the spouses in an equitable manner.
  • “No-Fault Divorce” state- Unlike in some other states where it is necessary to prove that adultery has been committed to obtaining a divorce, Georgia does not require adultery as a ground for dissolution of a marriage. A divorce can be obtained without implicating or proving that the other party has committed adultery.

Finding the right Divorce Attorney-The Siemon Law Firm

Getting a Divorce involves many steps and procedures. It also generates a great deal of paperwork. Every detail needs to be looked into minutely and understood with reference 

to the Divorce Law of the state, the couple lives in and is applying for the divorce. Each state has a separate set of Laws and procedures. Each of these procedures is very specific and complicated. Having a Divorce Lawyer who knows all the minute details of the law is not only a necessity but also a prudent and sensible course of action.

The Attorneys at The Siemon Law Firm, Georgia, have expert and in-depth knowledge of Divorce and Family Law. Besides this, they are caring and empathetic and make sure all questions put by the client are answered to the satisfaction of the client. They are professionals that care about you - and ensure that your interests and your feelings are not compromised in any way. True to their motto, “Easing Family Transitions with Integrity”, the Attorneys at The Siemon Law Firm do their best to make the transition from ‘married’ to ‘divorced’ or ‘single again’ as easy as possible for the client, giving them sound advice with care and understanding. You may contact them at (770) 888-5312 or email

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