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Essential Things To Know When Filing For Divorce in Marietta Georgia
Sunday, January 2nd 2022, 7:30 AM

Getting the right help with your divorce process in Marietta

MARIETTA, United States - December 30, 2021 / The Siemon Law Firm /

Divorce is never easy for the parties involved. When you think about the child custody battles and the stress of property sharing details, you will acknowledge the process is overwhelming. This is why you need to work with a competent divorce lawyer who has your best interests at heart. With the right partner, you will understand and amicably get through the most challenging moments in your life. 

While divorce procedures are tough, they are likely to be more amicable and convenient to deal with when you have the backing of a skilled attorney. Do not hesitate to contact a reliable Marietta divorce lawyer, to consult about your situation, and even work on a formula to get through the ordeal with less pressure. These experts have a unique understanding of what it takes to handle divorces in this region and are likely to guide you through each step.

You Need to File Divorce in a Court System

One of the reasons you need a divorce attorney is because it is vital to work with someone who understands the court system. A petition or complaint should be filed in the relevant court to initiate the divorce.

Location Matters

The Marietta divorce attorney will inform you that filing for divorce in Georgia does not happen in all courts. You can’t file the case anywhere you want. There are laws governing divorce in the region, and they determine how and where to file for the divorce.

While there are different types of courts in Georgia, anyone interested in filing for a divorce should take their case to the Superior Court. The constitution outlines that this is the court with all jurisdiction on divorce matters.

Besides the courts, it is also essential to know which county to file the divorce in. The divorce is usually filed in the county where the other spouse lives. Sometimes it’s possible to file the case in the plaintiff’s county if the defendant moves away within six months of the filing, especially if the petitioner's county was the marital residence for the spouses at the time of their separation. If the defendant is not a Georgia resident, the courts allow the petitioner to file the divorce in their county of residence.

6-month Residency for Divorce Filing in Georgia

This law requires one to be a resident of Georgia for not less than six months if they are to file for a divorce. Besides that, Georgia needs to be the person's domicile. This means they must live and intend to continue living in Georgia even after the divorce. 

Divorcing with Minors in Cobb County

Working with a reliable law firm such as The Siemon Law Firm is crucial since they understand all details regarding family law. For instance, it is mandatory to attend a 4-hour divorcing parent's seminar when minors are involved. This seminar equips the divorcing parents with crucial information regarding their choice's impact on their children and what they need to do to assist them. The court also has the final word on where the kids eventually end up. There are also supportive mediation programs under the divorce law in Georgia.

Divorcing in Georgia can be complex and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to expect. With all the paperwork and laws to understand, it is best to leave the details to a competent divorce attorney. Consider hiring The Siemon Law Firm by reaching out to them on (770) 888-5312 for all your divorce concerns.

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